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When it comes to communicating your message to your target audience, whether it’s your employees or your customers, there is no communications medium more powerful than video. Maverick Productions is a Boston-based video production company that handles all aspects of production from digital cinema filming to directing, producing and dynamic post production editing. We produce professional HD videos for corporate use, website use, for marketing purposes and more. We have worked with companies across the US for decades, meeting their corporate video production needs, and crafting compelling, effective videos that sizzle and pop. It takes a balance of hard work, experience, and imagination to produce amazing video content, which is why we work closely with our clients from start to finish; from developing creative concepts, to writing the script, and throughout the post-production process until your finished video is ready for the world to see. Our ongoing communication and collaboration with clients each step of the way helps to ensure that all objectives are met and that their vision is brought to life with a stunning corporate video.

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Our Corporate Video Production Process

Whether you are looking to show off your company with a sizzle reel, bring your training process to life with modern video content, reinforce your brand with video testimonials, or reach your target audience with an exciting product or concept video, our videos will captivate and move your audience, your company, and move the needle. Our team at Maverick Productions takes great pride in our ability to adjust our approach to each client’s brand and unique vision to produce an exceptional video that will successfully represent their brand and achieve all objectives.

It all starts with a discovery conversation. Our first step is to gather as much information about your company, the objective of your video, the audience you are trying to reach, and then we will work with you to determine what will best motivate and inspire the viewers. After the concept is ready we work with clients to help them craft a compelling, and creative script that will deliver on all objectives and result in a stunning finished product. Armed with our cutting-edge cameras, gear, and equipment, we move to the production phase to shoot your video footage. We excel at identifying the best locations to film and often call on our creativity to transform any space into a dynamic, mobile studio. We love the challenge of taking a seemingly unimaginative space and bringing it to life, which results in a finished product that truly stands out from the rest.

Post-production is where all of the magic happens and your video begins to take shape. Beyond telling the story, this is also where we set the tone, structure, and overall flow of the final video. For many projects, it’s the most exciting phase as it offers us a lot of creative opportunities to take your video footage and bring it to life. Keeping your objectives in mind from start to finish, our editors and post-production team will begin to tie your video together with the use of motion graphics, audio, music, animation, typography, photos and more. We have an established post-production video editing process and use cutting-edge software and technologies to ensure that projects are delivered on-time and on budget. The end result will be a remarkable and engaging video that will meet all objectives and leave a lasting impression.

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Are you ready to unleash the power of video? From videos for conferences, meetings, interview, training, website use and more, Maverick Productions has decades of corporate video production experience and will work closely with you, going the extra mile to ensure that the finished product is in-line with your vision. Using your image, brand, and vision as our foundation, our team will capture your message in a creative way that will help establish a connection with your audience, deliver on your objectives, and leave a lasting impression.

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Maverick Productions is pleased to offer a wide-range of video production services. Whether your business or organization is in need of a promotional video, website video, advertisement, or even a corporate video, our award-winning team has a wealth of industry experience to deliver exceptional finished products. If you’re interested in a free quote or consultation, feel free to get in touch with us directly, or give us a call at (781) 400-2696.

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