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As we all navigate today’s current events, we face the fact that our personal lives and businesses have been disrupted by the ongoing crisis. From where and how we conduct business, reach our clients, communicate with colleagues, and handle our marketing; the familiar business frontier is rapidly evolving. Our team at Maverick Productions has made the transition to operating 100% virtually to meet the ever-changing video production and editing needs of all of our clients, even if remote. Led by 8-time Emmy Award Winning photographer, editor, and producer Jeff Lazzarino, Maverick Productions has been the leader of video production in Boston and throughout New England over the last decade. We specialize in a wide-range of video production services that include corporate videos, marketing videos, “About Us” videos, promotional videos, ad videos and more.

As a full-service video production company, we are prepared to help you virtually plan your video ideas and help turn them into a compelling finished product. From assisting with purchasing pre-shot footage to editing any home and office footage you shoot, adding stunning animations to bring videos to life, and adding music to help set the tone and convey your message; we deliver high-quality videos both locally and nationwide. Using your image, brand, and vision as our foundation, we will guide you every step of the way to capture and convey your message creatively in order to help you connect with your audience and deliver on all objectives.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment – We follow MA State Guidelines and Take Additional Precautions

Preparing for the Shoot

Photo of Jeff Lazzarino practicing safe video production, shooting video footage with a mask on

  • Before going on shoot we have a team conversation about health, safety, and recognizing symptoms in each other
  • The Maverick Productions team will be made aware of the risk factors and will be required to mention any relevant health issues
  • Neither the client, or Maverick Productions, will be held liable if any participant gets COVID-19 or any other illness and/or injury from the production

While Out on Shoot

  • We protect ourselves and our clients by wearing a face mask and at least one layer of gloves
  • We will not shake hands with anyone
  • We wash our hands and use hand sanitizer frequently while on shoot
  • We disinfect all equipment during the shoot when we have the opportunity to do so
  • For interviewees, we will make sure everyone is following social distancing. A zoom lens will be used to capture close-up shots to avoid violating social distancing.

Recent Video Production Projects

Our Process for Remote Video Production Projects


Regardless of whether we are filming your footage, working with you to acquire pre-shot footage, or are simply editing any home and office footage you shoot, all projects begin in the pre-production stage. Our team works closely with you to understand your brand and message, the objectives you have for your video production project, and any initial vision or ideas you bring to the table. And while we always enjoy working closely with our clients from concept to completion, we leave it up you to determine how hands-on you would like to be.

We typically begin with an outline and a script that will serve as the foundation for the project. From there, we carefully plan the logistics behind capturing the footage for the project, which may include combing through our vast library of pre-shot footage, purchasing original footage from one of our partners, or working with original footage captured by you or your company for the project. We keep our clients informed and involved throughout this process.


Once the concept and script is approved, the fun part begins: the production phase. Although this is more difficult for remote video production projects, we have been able to seamlessly adapt our process in order to acquire the high-quality video footage we need for your project. We help our clients identify potential footage that we can access as well as guide them on how to shoot the footage we will need in order to produce a brilliant video. We offer instruction and the tips and tricks that result in optimal final footage, such as recommendations for lightning, camera angles, technology, environment, framing, video length, and more. Our team is talented at helping clients transform nearly any location into a dynamic, mobile studio that meets the needs of your project and is capable of capturing your message and the spirit of your product or concept. Even without our cutting-edge technology, cameras, and other equipment, we will provide you with the knowledge you need in order to execute the game plan and ensure that you capture the highest quality footage.


Once we have collected the necessary video footage for your project, we move along to the post-production phase, where the real magic happens. In the post-production phase we begin the process of editing the footage and putting your story together, which includes adding digital effects, animation, graphics, text, voiceover, and more. After we have completed a rough cut of the video, we work with you to ensure the finished product meets or exceeds all expectations. If you need the video exported in a specific format or optimized for use on the web, we will ensure everything is packaged up and ready for the world to see. We make it our goal to always to deliver an exceptional video that meets your vision, delivered on-time and within budget.

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Are you ready to unleash the power of video for your company? Maverick Productions is here and ready to help you create an exciting video that will highlight your brand and convey your message. We work with clients across all industries, including marketing firms, real estate agencies, technology companies, manufacturers, and more. Our highly experienced video team will work with you every step of the way, adapting our processes to ensure that we meet your needs, even if we must handle them 100% virtually. We will deliver an exciting finished product that will achieve all of your goals and objectives, showcasing your brand, product, or message in a creative way that resonates with your audience.

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Maverick Productions is pleased to offer a wide-range of video production services. Whether your business or organization is in need of a promotional video, website video, advertisement, or even a corporate video, our award-winning team has a wealth of industry experience to deliver exceptional finished products. If you’re interested in a free quote or consultation, feel free to get in touch with us directly, or give us a call at (781) 400-2696.

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