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Regis College “About Us” – Video Production for Universities in Massachusetts


Regis College “About Us”


About Us

Project Overview

Regis College is a coed Catholic university in Greater Boston with over 3,000 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in the arts, sciences and health professions. They approached us with an idea for multi-purpose “About Us” style video that they could use for digital promotions, marketing to students or potential investors, and as an introductory video for incoming classes. They had seen our other portfolio videos related to video production for universities in Massachusetts, as well as our library of “About Us” videos, and felt confident that we would effectively portray the best parts of campus life. As a smaller college, their primary goal was to show off the student amenities, classrooms, campus, and equipment that keep them competitive with larger institutions.

What We Delivered

During our first visit to Regis College, we immediately knew that we could utilize the beauty and their new facilities to create a visually compelling video. Their sweeping campus allowed us to capture beautiful landscape footage using drones, as well as dynamic shots of their diverse facilities, buildings, and fields. We worked closely with school administration to coordinate filming schedules and to craft a structured script that featured both students and faculty. The final video flows naturally, walking viewers through the benefits of attending Regis from the perspectives of active students.

Gear & Tech Used
  • Super 35mm Cinema Cameras
  • Canon Cine Primes
  • LitePanel soft LED Lighting
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