Video Production Process – Part 1

Video Production Process – Part 1

For people who do not work in the video and film industry, the video production process seems opaque and automatic; films just “get made” or “happen.” Understanding the complexity behind the production of every film and video you see can provide you with a greater appreciation for the film production process. This brief guide is intended to give you a general overview of how many videos and films are made, both inside and outside of the Hollywood movie system. Because each production may have a different process and producers and directors use variations on these terms, these are intended as guidelines and are not exhaustive.


Most video projects, whether feature films or advertisements, begin with a conceptualization period in which the producers discuss their vision for the project. In this time, they may begin brainstorming and outlining a general script before hiring a screenwriter to fully develop the story. They also create a budget for the project, which obviously varies greatly depending on the project. Around this time they also bring in the heads of the various departments (casting, lighting, sound, directing, set decoration, makeup, props, editing, etc) to initiate the process of hiring the cast and crew. This casting period occurs as the script is finalized and they being scouting for locations in which to film. Each one of the department leaders concurrently begins planning out the resources they will need to accomplish their goals for the project. While each department is independent (usually because of union regulations, which specify what each person is allowed to do), no project can be produced coherently without constant collaboration between the producers and the various departments.

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