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The digital world is ever-changing, and having high-quality video content will help you stand out from your competitors, generate new leads and sales, and improve your customer’s experience. Over the past decade Maverick Productions has become the industry leader providing video production in Everett MA. We offer our clients the complete video production solution, handling the project from concept creation all the way through filming, post-production, editing, and delivering the finished product. Our highly skilled team works closely with companies of all sizes and from any industry, and brings decades of experience producing videos for every application, including marketing & promotional videos, videos for corporate use, website videos, “About Us” videos, and much more. We take the time to properly understand the goals of each client before we get started, which enables us to produce exceptional videos that meet or exceed all goals regardless of industry, target audience, project scope, or required turnaround time.

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    Before we begin working on a project, we spend time learning about our clients, their brands and what makes them stand out in their industry. We do this so we can understand exactly what each client needs, and can then customize our process to best serve them. Throughout the production process, our clients provide feedback so they can feel confident they will receive a final video that accomplishes their goals. Our clients enjoy our flexibility and creativity, as well as our willingness to go the extra mile to meet their needs. These values help us stand out from the competition, and our approach has helped us effectively create compelling videos of all varieties, for clients in any industry. We offer the following core production services:

    • Video Production in Everett MA
    • Marketing & Sales Videos
    • Healthcare & Medical Videos
    • Video Production for Biotech
    • Promotional Videos
    • Videos for Non-Profit Organizations
    • New Media Projects
    • HD Videos
    • Corporate Video Production in Everett MA
    • Fundraising Videos
    • Product Demos
    • Videos for Advertising
    • Website Videos
    • “About Us” Videos
    • Biotech Video Projects
    • And More

    8 Time Emmy Award Winner

    Jeff Lazzarino, 8-time Emmy award winning photographer, editor and producer, has diligently worked to establish Maverick Productions as the industry leader for video production in Everett MA. Jeff leads our experienced team, ensuring we understand all of our client’s goals so the final video matches their ideal style and tone. We are passionate about giving our clients the personalized attention that is necessary to produce a dynamic, compelling video that embodies the client’s message and culture. Whether you are a local non-profit launching a seasonal fundraiser or a Fortune 500 company preparing for a nationwide recruitment effort, we dedicate our time and complete attention to your project and will deliver an exciting, powerful video that amplifies your your message and motivates your audience.

    Our Video Production Services in Everett MA

    Maverick Productions offers our clients a variety of high-quality video production services in Everett MA. We can produce, film and edit a video from start to finish, but we also have the flexibility to jump in at any point along the way. We can help whether you need a team to tighten up a script, produce and manage an actual film shoot, or edit pre-filmed footage. Our approach applies to every type of video – regardless of whether it’s a website video, corporate video, promotional video or something unique to you, our talented, experienced team is eager to work with you. If you would like to learn more, please contact us for a free quote and consultation, or get in touch with us directly at (781) 400-2696.

    Promotional Videos in Everett MA

    As the business world moves to digital media every year, the video marketing industry continues to grow immensely. If you have not done so already, now is the best time to invest in high-quality video to put your brand in the spotlight. As consumers consume more video content from brands across many forms of digital media, it is critical for businesses to distribute well-executed, dynamic promotional videos that move your audience to action. Effective video has been proven to increase customer response, generate awareness of a new product or campaign, or showcase your latest products or concepts.

    Our award-winning team at Maverick Productions has years of experience creating excellent promotional videos for clients in Everett MA and the surrounding areas. We have worked and thrived in the video marketing industry since before it grew to the $150 billion industry it is today. You can rest assured that our team will take the time to understand what makes your brand or company unique so that we can strategically highlight your company culture, next event, or newest service. You want your audience to resonate with your messaging, and we are ready to help you fulfill that vision through compelling video content.

    Corporate Video Production in Everett MA

    We are proud of the portfolio of corporate videos we have created for businesses in Everett MA throughout the years. Our award-winning team is passionate about creating compelling videos that boost a client’s image and brand, no matter their industry or size. We understand that your brand’s visibility and public perception plays a role in your company’s success, and our team is ready to help you capture the attention of your audience, communicate your message, and move them to action. We will work with you hand-in-hand to create effective videos regardless of your goals and objectives, whether it be to showcase a highlight reel, communicate what your organization is all about, cultivate trust with testimonials, inform your audience of a new initiative, or other objective that is important to your organization.

    Film Production in Everett MA

    Maverick Productions enjoys being active in the local film production industry. Our production team provides our clients with complete video and film solutions throughout the Everett MA area. We have worked with companies of all sizes on film projects and have collaborated with both feature film and documentary productions before. Our clients can choose to be as involved as they want, but we are prepared to handle everything from idea development through script writing, location selection, filming, editing and finalizing the last elements. Offering customers this opportunity gives them a chance to comment on the film throughout development so we can ensure their ideas are incorporated in real time. However, we can also produce everything ourselves if you prefer a completely hands-off process. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the final films meet or exceed our clients’ initial visions, on-time and within budget.

    Meet Our Clients

    Our clients come from nearly ever industry, including marketing, technology, healthcare, bio-tech, restaurant, public relations, non-profit, and many more. We have experience working with organizations of all sizes, from local startups to non-profits to large national companies. Our prior clients have provided us with feedback, referrals, and testimonials that have helped us improve our offerings to meet our clients’ specific needs. Our videos will never be humdrum, run-of-the-mill. We ensure that each client is impressed, and they appreciate the support, creativity and guidance we provide throughout every step of the production process. The videos they received from us have taken their initiatives and organizations to new heights. Read more about our clients’ stories below to learn how we support our clients.

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    If you’re looking for affordable video production in Everett MA with the highest level of quality, diligence, and professionalism, look no further than Maverick Productions. Our talented, award-winning team is excited to help you create compelling video content that will exceed your organization’s needs. Contact us for a free quote or consultation, or call us at (781) 400-2696.

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    What Our Clients Say

    We had a lot riding on a five-minute video to tell the compelling story of the Herald’s cutting-edge journalism to a conference of editors from around the nation who would decide the winner of the coveted Innovator of the Year award. We put our multimedia staff to work but knew that we could benefit from the independent perspective of a proven talent in the critical areas of content, production and editing. We couldn’t have found a better fit than Jeff at Maverick. From start to finish, his advice and expertise to our team was absolutely invaluable. We took home that prestigious national award and Jeff’s role was key in helping us win the recognition our newsroom deserved.

    Joe Sciacca, Editor-in-Chief, Boston Herald

    Jeff and his team do an amazing job and are extremely professional and personable with each individual they come across. This team literally captures the memories that one strives to hold on. A project was given to this team to create an impactful message by taking 5 seconds videos of people. The final product is extremely touching, its outstanding. Well shot, well edited, excellent background lighting, it truly captures the essence of the heart, all the things I was hoping for and more. I am so very pleased with the work that Jeff and his team have put together over the last couple of years for our organization. We will continue to do business with him for years to come.

    Jamie Hill, Customer Experience Manager, Cumberland Farms

    This was our third time working with Maverick Productions and they were fantastic- as expected! Because of a snow storm, our video shoot got pushed back and they were able to not only accommodate our schedules- but shoot, edit and turn the video around in less than a week for us. They are professional and very easy to work with. Their video moved our audience to tears once again. We are lucky to have found them!

    Amy Chaunt, Grant Writer/ Communications Officer, Kennedy-Donovan Center

    We had never had a professional company video done before and upon doing my research I came across Maverick Productions among a few others in our area. From the first conversation I had with Jeff I knew I had found a company I could trust. Jeff and his team worked with our company for 4 months and during that time they were professional, attentive, understanding, and patient with our many challenges we faced putting this video together. These guys really know what they are doing and were so amazing to work with, and our final product turned out to be a masterpiece that we are so proud of as a company. Thank you Maverick Productions, for taking our company to the next level. We look forward to working with your team a lot more in the future.

    Cali Schwartzly, Business Development & Marketing Manager, ECM – Global Measurement Solutions

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