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Maverick is an award-winning video production company in Peabody MA

Consumers today are searching for and connecting with brands online via the web and social media more than ever before, which makes high-quality digital video an important tool for connecting with your audience. Over the past decade Maverick Productions has become an industry-leading provider of video production in Peabody MA by working with local businesses to create compelling digital video. We produce all-in-one video solutions for our clients that effectively generate attention and drive leads. We have collaborated with clients from a wide range of industries to produce videos of all varieties, from web use to promotional video, corporate video and more. We take pride in our ability to work with any company on nearly any project, and our adaptability sets us apart from other local video companies.

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    Over the years our team has refined our production process so that we are always in sync with our clients from start to finish, and can consistently produce amazing, high-quality results. We begin by devoting time to learning more about our clients, their brands, missions, values, and what makes them unique. We use this information to guide our decisions and modify our process to offer each client a personalized experience. From the initial meeting to post-production, our clients can choose to be involved in any stage of the process, providing feedback to ensure an effective finished process that meets or exceeds their goals. Our clients value our flexibility and creativity, as well as our readiness to go the extra mile to meet their needs. Video is truly our passion, and we are excited to work with you on your next video project. Here’s a look at some of our core production services:

    • Video Production in Peabody MA
    • Promotional Videos
    • Marketing & Sales Videos
    • Videos for Non-Profit Organizations
    • Fundraising Videos
    • New Media Projects
    • Product Demos
    • Digital Video Production
    • Corporate Video Production in Peabody MA
    • Videos for Advertising
    • Healthcare Videos
    • Videos for Biotech Companies
    • Website Videos
    • “About Us” Videos
    • HD Videos
    • And More

    8 Time Emmy Award Winner

    Maverick Productions has become an established name in the local video production industry through the leadership of Jeff Lazzarino, 8-time Emmy award winning photographer, editor and producer. Jeff has always directed our team with focus, creativity, and close attention to detail, allowing us to create high quality video while also personalizing our approach to meet our clients’ individual needs. We give each client our full attention, which allows us to create dynamic videos that fulfill our clients’ visions, no matter the project size or scope. Whether you are a nonprofit looking for video support for a new fundraising campaign, a national company in the market for promotional videos, or a local business looking for a compelling digital ad spot, our team will dedicate their time to you. We will not be satisfied until your video meets your standards and motivates your audience.

    Video Production Services in Peabody MA

    Maverick Productions offers our clients a variety of excellent video production services in Peabody MA. Our highly skilled team is excited to work with you on whatever video project you have, whether it’s a promotional video, corporate video, “About Us” style video, fundraising video or something unique. If you would like to learn more, please contact us for a free quote and consultation, or get in touch with us directly by calling (781) 400-2696.

    Promotional Videos in Peabody MA

    The video marketing industry continues to rapidly grow in the ever-evolving digital marketplace, which means it is more important now than ever before to invest in high-quality videos to ensure your brand is meeting the modern standards of your consumers’. Audiences expect that brands will use video content online, and top quality video content can inspire your audience to respond and help generate leads.

    The Maverick Productions team has created promotional videos of all types for clients in Peabody, including product demos and teasers, corporate announcements, traditional video advertising, and much more. We have grown with the video marketing industry, helping local companies step up their digital game. Our team is dedicated to understanding your brand so that we can work with you to create a successful video that informs your audience of your new campaign or product.

    Corporate Video Production in Peabody MA

    Businesses in Peabody MA have relied on Maverick Productions for corporate video production throughout the past decade. Our highly skilled team truly loves creating high quality, well branded videos for clients of all sizes from any industry. Our large portfolio of corporate videos highlights our team’s passion for creating video that captures your audience’s attention for any goal you have. If you want to share a new initiative with your audience, show testimonials to create trust, create a highlight reel, or anything else you think of, our team is ready to bring your vision to life. We love a good challenge and are ready to creatively accomplish any video goal you have.

    Film Production in Peabody MA

    Maverick Productions is also an active member of the local film production industry. We have been part of various film productions in a variety of roles, but our priority is to offer our clients turnkey film solutions throughout the Peabody MA area. We can handle any or all parts of the production process, including location scouting, script writing, live film production, digital conversion, after effects, post-production and more. We also offer clients the opportunity to be involved in the process, which allows them to provide input throughout the creation of the film. We want the final video to match your vision, and will work closely with you to ensure that it does.

    Meet Some of Our Top Clients

    We work with clients from nearly every industry and of all sizes, from local nonprofits to medium-sized regional businesses to Fortune 500 companies. The feedback and testimonials from our clients have helped us refine our offerings and process so that we continue to exceed our clients’ needs. Our videos are impressive and built on each client’s brand. Our clients enjoy the support, guidance and creativity we provide throughout the creation process, and love that their final products help their organizations reach their goals. Read about some of our clients’ stories below, and hear their input on our team.

    Take Your Brand to the Next Level with Quality Video

    If you’re looking for affordable, excellent video production in Peabody MA with high-quality service and professionalism, Maverick Productions is the perfect choice for you. Our award-winning, passionate team is looking forward to helping you create compelling video content that will meet or exceed your goals. Contact us for a free quote or consultation, or call us directly at (781) 400-2696.

    Video Production in Peabody MA

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    What Our Clients Say

    J.H. Blazar
    J.H. Blazar
    I’ve worked with Maverick on several projects (first for a school and then for a large non-profit) and they do excellent work in any setting. Truly a full-service team that makes beautiful videos!
    Sarah Rachul
    Sarah Rachul
    I hired Maverick for a large scale brand event in Boston harbor. They had to juggle freezing weather, multiple high-level executives, and a drone from a boat in Boston harbor and they absolutely knocked it out of the park. Their communication through the process and speed of deliverables just blew me away. I would HIGHLY recommend you hire them and look forward to working with them again in the future.
    Clark M
    Clark M
    We worked with the Maverick team to create a series of product demo videos, and they exceeded all of our expectations. Their expertise in the field shines through in every frame, making complicated concepts not only understandable but engaging. Jeff and the team at Maverick blended creativity and technical skill to produce an amazing set of videos that will showcase our insurance products for years to come. We are already looking forward to working with them again in the future!
    McClure Team
    McClure Team
    We had the pleasure of working with Maverick Productions in Boston on a recent video project that we needed for our website and an upcoming event. They exceeded all expectations. Jeff and his team's creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail were exceptional. From concept development to final editing, they communicated very well throughout the process and delivered a beautiful finished product that perfectly captured our vision. Highly recommended for anyone seeking high-quality video services in the Boston area.
    Joseph Shafer
    Joseph Shafer
    I highly recommend Maverick Boston Video Production! They came to our rescue with a last-minute video broadcast for our event, and their exceptional work exceeded our expectations. The video had outstanding quality and was complemented by impeccable audio. Despite numerous last-minute changes, their professionalism and adaptability shone through, resulting in a successful event. Their passion, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the go-to choice for high-quality video production. Yes, I did use chatGPT to write this. BUT, it is all true. Definitely a production crew I can trust.
    Nora Foster
    Nora Foster
    I hired Maverick Productions to produce a new About Us video and a series of capability videos for my manufacturing client. Jeff and the team did a fantastic job handling multiple film locations and our technical shot list, putting it all together quickly, and taking what I envisioned to create a final product that truly showcased the company. They were also very responsive and quick to handle our edits. Overall, great experience working with this company, and I hope to do more projects with them in the future.
    Alexis Baum
    Alexis Baum
    5+ stars for Maverick Productions! I’ve been working with Jeff and his team for six years on various projects for Regis College, and I continue to be impressed by their work each and every time. I think one of the reasons they are so successful is because they don’t just show up and shoot—they take the time to truly get to know an organization or company before jumping into a project, and that really makes a difference because I have always felt like Maverick is part of my team when we work together. In addition to their technical expertise, they have a keen ability to create a compelling and impactful story. One of our projects is the production of our video features for our Let It Shine Gala, and seeing our guests brought to tears (happy tears!) at the gala while watching the videos shows how truly talented everyone is—from the on-site production team to the editing team—at creating videos that inspire people. I always look forward to working with Maverick not only because of the fantastic quality of their videos, but because they are great people as well.
    Suzanne Jones
    Suzanne Jones
    We could not be happier with the quality of work from Jeff and crew. This award winning team was able to weave a story about our child's rare disease journey into a short film that combined footage and wording in a way that was both touching and impactful. While Jeff aptly guided our strategy, he was also open to our input on elements of our family's story. We appreciated the collaboration. We also respected that our budget was top of mind. We worked together to manage production time and associated costs to ensure we were satisfied with both our end product and financial output. Working with Maverick was a top notch experience -- we highly recommend them.
    Jaye Smith
    Jaye Smith
    Simply gifted at what they do! From concept to shoots, edits, and final production, Jeff and his team make ideas and visions come to life. Impeccable client service and video production.
    Jonas Sanchez
    Jonas Sanchez
    Working with Maverick, as a customer or a production partner, is to be treated to the professional experience you would expect. Their capability is a given - craft and care goes into every production. More importantly, Jeff's team are great listeners, and take care to understand their customers' needs in order to arrive at the right solution. Always great collaborators, they also can take the lead in steering your vision if that's what's needed. Add to this Jeff's easy-going and friendly manner and it's a no-brainer to continue working with Maverick.
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