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Maverick is the elite provider of video production in Hartford CT

Video is here to stay. High-quality, professional video content will push you ahead of your competition, driving leads, sales, and improved engagement with your customers. Over the past decade, Maverick Productions has become the leading provider of video production in Hartford CT. We are proud to offer our clients a full-service video production experience, working closely with each of our clients throughout the process. Clients of all sizes trust us to handle every piece, from concept development to creating a script, identifying actors, choosing locations for filming, and of course throughout the filming, editing, and post-production phases of the project.

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    Before kicking off any new project, we take the time to properly get to know our clients, what makes their brand unique, what their goals are, and what motivated them to produce a video for their initiative. With this insight in mind, we then customize the entire video production process to align with the client’s vision, helping us ensure that the completed project adequately hits on all goals and results in the “wow” factor they are aiming for. Additionally, we keep our clients active and involved throughout the entire process, soliciting feedback, input, and critique to ensure that the finished product will be in-line with the overall vision for the project. This unique approach is what truly distinguishes us from our competitors, resulting in amazing videos that help our clients move the needle.

    Our versatile team at Maverick Productions excels at producing videos for a wide-range of uses, from corporate videos, to website videos, marketing videos, promotional videos, capturing high-profile events, and more. We have extensive experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes can easily adapt our approach to the unique needs and vision of each client. Regardless of the scope or desired turnaround time for your project, no project is too big or too small – our team will bring your vision to life through compelling video content. Here are some of the production services we offer:

    • Promotional Videos
    • Video Production in Hartford CT
    • Videos for Non-Profit Organizations
    • Marketing & Sales Videos
    • Fundraising Videos
    • Website Videos
    • HD Video Production
    • Advertisements
    • Healthcare & Medical Videos
    • Videos for Biotech Industry
    • Product Demos
    • “About Us” Videos
    • Corporate Video Production in Hartford CT
    • New Media Projects
    • High-Definition Videos
    • And More

    8 Time Emmy Award Winner

    Our clients value our professionalism, versatility, creativity, and efficiency. All of these traits come from Jeff Lazzarino, a 8-time Emmy Award winning producer, editor, and director. Jeff’s philosophy is to lead by example, and his dedication to consistency and professionalism have shaped our company into a top provider for video production in Hartford CT. Jeff works closely with our clients to better understand their brands and goals so that we can appropriately customize the project to meet the client’s vision and direction. This personalized approach gives us strong knowledge of what each company is about, and our extensive planning and efficient execution ensures that the finished product is compelling, on-time, and within budget. Whether you are a startup company interested in promoting the launch of your first product, a well-established Fortune 500 company in need of corporate training videos, or a local company needing a simple ‘About Us’ video for your website, our team will create effective, professional video. Client satisfaction is the driving force behind the work that we do, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your completed video is in-line with your vision and will put your brand in the spotlight.

    Video Production Services in Hartford MA

    Our team of highly skilled professionals is excited to work with you on your next video project! We offer our clients many different types of video production services in Hartford CT, including fundraising videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, or any other project you can envision. Contact us today to learn more, or give us a call (781) 400-2696. View some of our favorite video projects below!

    Promotional Videos for Hartford MA Businesses

    The digital world has turned to video as it’s prime way to communicate with people, which means that now is the time to invest in quality video production for your brand or organization. Audiences expect their favorite brands to publish video content, and you don’t want to be left behind. Excellent videos can generate interest, plant ideas, and move your audience to action. For years Maverick Productions has created promotional videos for clients in Hartford CT. As the video marketing industry has evolved into a $150 billion giant, we have grown too. Our experienced, robust team is committed to learning about your brand so that your finished video accurately promotes not only your next campaign or product, but your company as well.

    Corporate Video Production in Hartford CT

    Corporate businesses have unique needs. Our team has years of experience in creating corporate videos for businesses in Hartford CT. We are passionate about creating dynamic video and can conform to any branding restrictions or requirements your company may have. We are versatile and prepared to handle any type of project. Whether you want to foster trust with testimonials, create buzz with a sizzle reel, provide employees with clear training videos, or anything else you want, our team is excited to help you succeed.

    Film Production in Hartford CT

    Maverick Productions isn’t limited to digital video – we are also an active part of the local filmmaking community. We work tirelessly on film solutions for our clients throughout Hartford CT, regardless of the role. Our professional team can collaborate with some of the larger film production companies on distinct parts of the process, but are also fully capable of taking a film from concept through completion.

    Meet Our Clients

    We actively solicit client feedback and input so that we can continually improve our production process. We customize the process for each client to produce videos that are stunning and dynamic, each centered on our client’s brand. Our clients appreciate that we provide support, guidance and creativity throughout the process, and they love that the final videos move their organizations toward their goals. Read some of our clients’ stories below.

    Let’s Get Down to Business

    Looking for impressive, affordable video production in Hartford CT? We’re ready to get started! Maverick Productions is your best choice due to our professionalism, dedication, creativity, and attention to detail. Our experienced, award-winning team is excited to help you create captivating video content that will outperform expectations. Give us a call today at (781) 400-2696 or send us a quick message for a free quote or consultation.

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    What Our Clients Say

    We had a lot riding on a five-minute video to tell the compelling story of the Herald’s cutting-edge journalism to a conference of editors from around the nation who would decide the winner of the coveted Innovator of the Year award. We put our multimedia staff to work but knew that we could benefit from the independent perspective of a proven talent in the critical areas of content, production and editing. We couldn’t have found a better fit than Jeff at Maverick. From start to finish, his advice and expertise to our team was absolutely invaluable. We took home that prestigious national award and Jeff’s role was key in helping us win the recognition our newsroom deserved.

    Joe Sciacca, Editor-in-Chief, Boston Herald

    Jeff and his team do an amazing job and are extremely professional and personable with each individual they come across. This team literally captures the memories that one strives to hold on. A project was given to this team to create an impactful message by taking 5 seconds videos of people. The final product is extremely touching, its outstanding. Well shot, well edited, excellent background lighting, it truly captures the essence of the heart, all the things I was hoping for and more. I am so very pleased with the work that Jeff and his team have put together over the last couple of years for our organization. We will continue to do business with him for years to come.

    Jamie Hill, Customer Experience Manager, Cumberland Farms

    This was our third time working with Maverick Productions and they were fantastic- as expected! Because of a snow storm, our video shoot got pushed back and they were able to not only accommodate our schedules- but shoot, edit and turn the video around in less than a week for us. They are professional and very easy to work with. Their video moved our audience to tears once again. We are lucky to have found them!

    Amy Chaunt, Grant Writer/ Communications Officer, Kennedy-Donovan Center

    We had never had a professional company video done before and upon doing my research I came across Maverick Productions among a few others in our area. From the first conversation I had with Jeff I knew I had found a company I could trust. Jeff and his team worked with our company for 4 months and during that time they were professional, attentive, understanding, and patient with our many challenges we faced putting this video together. These guys really know what they are doing and were so amazing to work with, and our final product turned out to be a masterpiece that we are so proud of as a company. Thank you Maverick Productions, for taking our company to the next level. We look forward to working with your team a lot more in the future.

    Cali Schwartzly, Business Development & Marketing Manager, ECM – Global Measurement Solutions

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