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Maverick Productions is an award-winning provider of video production in Springfield MA

These days most people expect brands to have high-quality video, either on their website, via their social media, or both. Maverick Productions has spent the past decade creating videos for businesses in the local community, becoming the industry leader in video production in Springfield MA. We offer full service video production and can handle any or all parts of the process. Our versatile team can take a project from start to finish and is flexible enough to easily jump into a project at any step along the way. We adapt our production process to each client, which enables us to comfortably work with clients of all types and sizes. Regardless of industry, company size, or video type, we provide clients with polished videos ready to be published online or in traditional media spaces. Maverick Productions is committed to producing the highest quality video to help clients attract their audience, generate leads or interest, or show off a new product, initiative or event.

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    Our attention to detail, flexibility, and dedication to understanding our clients are what sets Maverick Productions apart from the competition. Throughout the past decade, we have worked with clients from a variety of industries on every type of video projects – from promotional videos to corporate videos, from “About Us” videos to fundraising videos and more. Whether you are a non-profit or a Fortune 500 company, our first step is to learn about our clients so we can understand their mission, values, and what makes their brand unique. Sometimes this is a simple face-to-face meeting, but we frequently travel to our clients to view their work- or event-space, to talk with employees, and learn what makes your company or group special. We do this to ensure that every decision we make is rooted in our client’s brand. We also invite our clients to contribute feedback and periodic reviews during the process so they can feel confident with the finished product. Our clients enjoy this dedication and flexibility, as well as the creativity we offer and our willingness to go the extra mile to meet their goals. Below, find a list of some of our core services.

    • High-Definition Video
    • Promotional Videos
    • Video Production in Springfield MA
    • “About Us” Videos
    • Marketing & Sales Videos
    • Videos for Non-Profit Organizations
    • Healthcare & Medical Videos
    • Fundraising Videos
    • Product Demos
    • New Media Projects
    • Corporate Videos in Springfield MA
    • Videos for Advertising
    • Website Videos
    • Videos for Biotech Companies
    • HD Videos
    • And More

    8 Time Emmy Award Winner

    The Maverick Productions team excels under the guidance and leadership of Jeff Lazzarino, a 8-time Emmy award winning photographer, editor and producer. Jeff’s wide range of experience gives him an unparalleled depth of knowledge about the industry. Over the years he has assembled a versatile team proficient in every part of the production process. We customize our approach to meet each client’s unique needs, which means we never give you a cookie-cutter video. Each client receives our full attention and commitment, as well as a final video that successfully accomplishes your goals while matching your vision. Our personalized process works for companies and organizations of all types, which has helped make us the leader for video production in Springfield MA. Whether you are a local nonprofit using video to announce your new initiative or a well-established business looking for a video to promote your products or services, our team is more than capable taking your vision and making it into a final video that exceeds your expectations.

    Video Production Services in Springfield MA

    Maverick offers our clients a wide range of services in Springfield MA. Our team of highly talented, passionate professionals is excited to work with you on your next video project, whether it’s a corporate video, marketing video, fundraising video or something entirely unique. If you would like to learn more about our process or services, please contact us for a free consultation, or give us a call at (781) 400-2696.

    Corporate Video Production in Springfield MA

    Our team has been producing high-quality videos for corporate clients in Springfield MA for years. We can adapt to meet your corporate requirements and ensure your video is properly branded. Many corporate businesses choose us for their video needs because we are versatile and professional, particularly when it comes to Event videos, “About Us” videos, testimonial videos, and marketing videos. For live videos or when capturing B-roll, our team never gets in the way, allowing your event to flow naturally and work as you intended. Regardless of the purpose or type of project, the Maverick team is ready to produce a video that will capture your audience’s attention and effectively portray your goals.

    Film Projects in Springfield

    We are proud to be active in the local film industry. Our team of experienced filmmakers works diligently to produce high-quality films for our clients throughout the Springfield MA area. We can tackle a film from concept through completion, or jump right into a specific part of the production process. Our versatility ensure that every client receives a video that meets or exceeds their expectations.

    Promotional Videos in Springfield MA

    As high quality video becomes ubiquitous on the Internet, companies need to consider the potential impact of professional video. The video marketing industry has grown to become a $150+ billion marketplace. If you have considered investing in a video for your company or organization, now is the best time to get the process started. High-quality videos can motivate your audience, drive them to action, and result in new customer acquisition, awareness, and sales. Our team has proudly produced promotional videos for clients in Springfield MA for years and is ready to work with your brand to create a final video that truly captures the nature of your business. Increase your customer appeal, brand awareness, and lead generation efforts with high-definition video.

    Our Clients Come From Everywhere

    Organizations and companies of all sizes come to Maverick for their video needs. We have worked with clients from almost every industry, including public relations, technology companies, law firms, restaurants, real estate development, media companies, schools and colleges of all sizes, and many more. The videos we create are compelling and aim to put our customers in the spotlight. The clients we have worked with have enjoyed the professionalism, creativity and guidance we provide throughout the process. Learn more about our clients’ stories below.

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    If you are looking for effective, affordable video production in Springfield MA, Maverick is the company for you. Our talented, award-winning team is ready to help you create dynamic video content that will meet or exceed your goals. Contact us for a free consultation, or give us a call at (781) 400-2696.

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    What Our Clients Say

    J.H. Blazar
    J.H. Blazar
    I’ve worked with Maverick on several projects (first for a school and then for a large non-profit) and they do excellent work in any setting. Truly a full-service team that makes beautiful videos!
    Sarah Rachul
    Sarah Rachul
    I hired Maverick for a large scale brand event in Boston harbor. They had to juggle freezing weather, multiple high-level executives, and a drone from a boat in Boston harbor and they absolutely knocked it out of the park. Their communication through the process and speed of deliverables just blew me away. I would HIGHLY recommend you hire them and look forward to working with them again in the future.
    Clark M
    Clark M
    We worked with the Maverick team to create a series of product demo videos, and they exceeded all of our expectations. Their expertise in the field shines through in every frame, making complicated concepts not only understandable but engaging. Jeff and the team at Maverick blended creativity and technical skill to produce an amazing set of videos that will showcase our insurance products for years to come. We are already looking forward to working with them again in the future!
    McClure Team
    McClure Team
    We had the pleasure of working with Maverick Productions in Boston on a recent video project that we needed for our website and an upcoming event. They exceeded all expectations. Jeff and his team's creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail were exceptional. From concept development to final editing, they communicated very well throughout the process and delivered a beautiful finished product that perfectly captured our vision. Highly recommended for anyone seeking high-quality video services in the Boston area.
    Joseph Shafer
    Joseph Shafer
    I highly recommend Maverick Boston Video Production! They came to our rescue with a last-minute video broadcast for our event, and their exceptional work exceeded our expectations. The video had outstanding quality and was complemented by impeccable audio. Despite numerous last-minute changes, their professionalism and adaptability shone through, resulting in a successful event. Their passion, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the go-to choice for high-quality video production. Yes, I did use chatGPT to write this. BUT, it is all true. Definitely a production crew I can trust.
    Nora Foster
    Nora Foster
    I hired Maverick Productions to produce a new About Us video and a series of capability videos for my manufacturing client. Jeff and the team did a fantastic job handling multiple film locations and our technical shot list, putting it all together quickly, and taking what I envisioned to create a final product that truly showcased the company. They were also very responsive and quick to handle our edits. Overall, great experience working with this company, and I hope to do more projects with them in the future.
    Alexis Baum
    Alexis Baum
    5+ stars for Maverick Productions! I’ve been working with Jeff and his team for six years on various projects for Regis College, and I continue to be impressed by their work each and every time. I think one of the reasons they are so successful is because they don’t just show up and shoot—they take the time to truly get to know an organization or company before jumping into a project, and that really makes a difference because I have always felt like Maverick is part of my team when we work together. In addition to their technical expertise, they have a keen ability to create a compelling and impactful story. One of our projects is the production of our video features for our Let It Shine Gala, and seeing our guests brought to tears (happy tears!) at the gala while watching the videos shows how truly talented everyone is—from the on-site production team to the editing team—at creating videos that inspire people. I always look forward to working with Maverick not only because of the fantastic quality of their videos, but because they are great people as well.
    Suzanne Jones
    Suzanne Jones
    We could not be happier with the quality of work from Jeff and crew. This award winning team was able to weave a story about our child's rare disease journey into a short film that combined footage and wording in a way that was both touching and impactful. While Jeff aptly guided our strategy, he was also open to our input on elements of our family's story. We appreciated the collaboration. We also respected that our budget was top of mind. We worked together to manage production time and associated costs to ensure we were satisfied with both our end product and financial output. Working with Maverick was a top notch experience -- we highly recommend them.
    Jaye Smith
    Jaye Smith
    Simply gifted at what they do! From concept to shoots, edits, and final production, Jeff and his team make ideas and visions come to life. Impeccable client service and video production.
    Jonas Sanchez
    Jonas Sanchez
    Working with Maverick, as a customer or a production partner, is to be treated to the professional experience you would expect. Their capability is a given - craft and care goes into every production. More importantly, Jeff's team are great listeners, and take care to understand their customers' needs in order to arrive at the right solution. Always great collaborators, they also can take the lead in steering your vision if that's what's needed. Add to this Jeff's easy-going and friendly manner and it's a no-brainer to continue working with Maverick.
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